After the survey for the outside environment was completed by our school council below, the following actions were taken and completed by September 2015.

Two more lower basket ball hoops have been added to the 3/4 playground.

Chalk is now available for both playgrounds.

PE weekly challenge has been cancelled.

Football team lists are placed into cabinets.

It was agreed as there was already a large gazebo in 5/6 playground further shelters would not be required.

Four football nets and Astro turf have been placed in the 5/6 playground.  This has created two football pitches.


Our school council have been working to develop questionnaires on different aspects of school life.

Pupil Survey – outside environment – December 2014

This is the first of the surveys, completed in December 2014. The results for Key Stage 2 are shown below.

  • 57% of pupils would like to have 2 more basketball hoops on the Year 3/4 playground
  • 73% of pupils would like to have chalk to practise their graffiti (following the Year 5/6 topic in the autumn term) on the snake wall in the Year 5/6 playground
  • 64% of pupils would like chalk to be available to use on the wall behind the gazebo on the Year 3/4 playground
  • 53% of pupils wanted skipping ropes on the playgrounds – 6 to be bought for each playground which will include 2 long ones for group skipping
  • 59% of pupils were against starting the PE weekly challenge again so the School Council has decided not to do this
  • 76% of pupils wanted the Principal to work with each year group on a weekly basis to agree the football teams for the week
  • 80% of pupils wanted the football team lists to be posted up in the outside cabinets each week so it is clear who is in which team
  • 78% of pupils requested that there are some small shelters on the Year 5/6 playground where they can sit and talk
  • 88% of pupils wanted football nets on each playground

The survey of Key Stage 1 pupils highlighted that:

  • Pupils would like two lower-level basketball hoops so Years 1 and 2 would be able to reach them
  • Pupils wanted to have some small balls available at lunchtime so they can practise throwing and catching
  • Pupils agreed with Key Stage 2 regarding having skipping ropes and chalks available on the playground