Our staff


Our academy principal is Mrs Linda Hothersall.


Below are details of staff across the school.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs Wendy Darrell, Reception Class Teacher . Assistant principal and head of EYFS/KS1
  • Mrs Linda Mahoney, Business Manager
  • Mrs Amy Weston,  Year 5  Class Teacher. Assistant principal and  head of Upper KS2.
  • Mrs Jackie Rutter, Year 3/4 Class Teacher. Assistant principal and  head of Lower KS2
  • Mrs Fiona Whyman, Inclusion Manager

EYFS and Key Stage 1

Robins Class (Year R)

L-R: Mrs Claire Gosling, Teaching Assistant. Mrs Karen Mason, Teaching Assistant/Learning Catalyst.

Natasha Pitcher, Teaching Assistant. Mrs Wendy Darrell, Class Teacher. Mrs Viv Gosling, Teaching Assistant. Ms Tracy Hewitt, Teaching Assistant ,(Pupil Specific.)

Puffins Class (Year 1)


L-R: Jessica Green, Teaching Assistant, Mrs Sarah MacMillian, Class Teacher, Louise Hoar, Teaching Assistant,

Miss Peggy Butler, Teaching Assistant. (Not shown)

Eagles Class (Year 2)

L-R: Mrs Jo Clinch, Teaching Assistant,  Miss Lisa Hanks, Teaching Assistant, Ms Peggy Butler, Teaching Assistant. Mrs Sarah Mulford, Class Teacher.

Lower Key Stage 2

Penguins  Class (Year 3/4 mixed)


L-R:  Miss Justina Snow, Teaching Assistant,  Mrs Jackie Rutter, Class Teacher,

Mrs Jane Gibbs, Teaching Assistant, Natasa Satkauskiene, Teaching Assistant.

Doves Class (Year 3)


L-R: Miss Laura Warren, Class Teacher, Mrs Alison Williamson, Teaching Assistant.

Kingfishers (Year  4 )


L-R: Miss Keri Garrod, Teaching  Assistant.  (Pupil Specific)  Mrs Dian Williamson, Class Teacher. Mrs Samantha Blayney, Class Teacher. Miss Bridgit Elvin, Teaching Assistant.

Upper Key Stage 2


 Canaries Class (Year 5)


L-R: Mrs Amy Weston, Class Teacher, Miss Jo Callum, Teaching Assistant

Owls Class (Year 6)

L-R: Mrs Donna Hubbard, Teaching Assistant. Mr Rob Hothersall, Class Teacher and SENCO. Miss Claire Pateman, Teaching Assistant.

Magpies Class (Year 5/6 mixed)




L-R:    Mrs Deana Fyson , Teaching Assistant, ( Pupil Specific) Mr Smith, Class Teacher. Mrs Jackie Goodson ,Teaching Assistant. Sharon Cooke, Teachong assistant, (Pupil specific)/Thrive




L-R   Miss Marina Withers, PE Teaching Assistant. Mr Daniel Callaby, (PE Co-ordinator ) HLTA PE Key Stage 2 , EYFS and Key Stage 1




Miss Kayleigh Auker. Miss Sharon Cooke.

Inclusion Team


L -R Mrs Fiona Whyman, Inclusion Manager, Mrs Carole Walker, Inclusion Support.



Information Technology.   Mrs  Roxane Soanes



Year 5/6 meditation.  Mrs Tracy Hewitt.

Lunch-time Supervisors


Back Row, L-R: Mrs Anabela Barbosa, Mrs Edi Fowler, Mrs Leanne Collison, Miss Lisa Hanks,  Mrs Becky Hemming, Miss Sarah Hall,

Front Row, L-R: Mrs Tracy Chaplin, Mrs Steph Stannett ,  Miss Sharon Cook (Senior MSA)


Administration Team


L-R:  Mrs Linda Mahoney, Business Manager, Mrs Nicola Lipscombe, Administrative Assistant.  Mrs Carole Walker, Attendance Officer/Learning Catalyst . Mrs Elizabeth Beck, Administrative Assistant/Receptionist (free school meals),

Site Team

L-R:  Miss Rosie Mann, Cleaner. Kerry Pook, Cleaner.  Mr Sean Walker, Site Manager. Mrs Sue Rodgers, Cleaner.

Catering Team


L-R: Mr Simon Mallick, Catering Assistant, Mrs Linda Smith, Cook Manager, Mrs Samantha Hammond, Catering Assistant, Mrs Michelle Byrne, Catering Assistant