Performance data & Ofsted

Eastgate Academy performance data (as Eastgate Community Primary School) can be found on the Ofsted School Data Dashboard.

Our Key Stage 2 results for this year are below.  The cohort for Year 6 in 2015 was 45 pupils aged 11 years old.

  • Reading – 98% Level 4+, 63% Level 5
  • Writing – 86% Level 4+, 10% Level 5, 10% level 6
  • Maths – 100% Level 4+, 40% Level 5, 10% Level 6

Our Key Stage 1 results for this year are below.

  •   Reading level 2b+ 86%, level 3 48%
  •   Writing level 2b+ 76%, Level 3 3%
  •   Maths level 2b+ 86%, Level 3 55%
  •   Phonics 83%

Progress of pupils from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 shows that 100 % have made two levels progress.

This year is the first time Eastgate has entered pupils for the Level 6 SATs tests and the pupils who took the test undertook a commitment to attend a booster maths club at lunchtimes during the Spring Term.

During the last year, we have introduced a new scheme for reading and writing which has contributed to the excellent SATs results and will support the achievement of pupils going forward.  We have also worked as part of the KES Academy Cluster Schools to develop a new maths policy.

Becoming part of the Eastern Multi-Academy Trust has brought new opportunities for Eastgate, providing our pupils with a view of their education going from primary through to further and higher education.  This can only help to raise the aspirations of our students and their families thus contributing to the long-term economic success of the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk area.

Ofsted reports

Eastgate Academy was inspected by Ofsted in 2017 and graded ‘outstanding’.